“striving to inspire as many people as possible with my words and actions” - C - Steeze


Christian “ C-Steeze” Sutton is a Public speaker, Artist, Servant-leader and community activist from
Washington, DC who uses his gifts as a spoken word artist  & poet to uplift, inspire, and enact social change.

After earning both his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of The District of Columbia and graduating with honors, Christian is more focused than ever to help those not as fortunate as himself persist and persevere in an increasingly turbulent world

Chrstian’s Mission

is to empower individuals to unleash their true potential and share their unique gifts with the world. Chris is a firm believer that everyone possesses something extraordinary within them, he seeks to shift mindsets towards positivity and inspire people through
impactful lectures and monumental actions. Chris is more than just a renowned speaker; he aims to connect with people and enrich their lives through various positive and effective methods. Seeing individuals transform into their destined selves is his daily motivation.

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